A commitment to education is a commitment to independence

By Athol Trollip, Nelson Mandela Bay:

This is an extract from a speech delivered by Athol Trollip to cadets and their families at the T S Laherne Academy prizegiving ceremony.

I have the greatest admiration for our younger generation who continue to build our communities with such commitment.

Despite often difficult circumstances in NMB where 1 in every 2 young South Africans can’t find work, it is encouraging to see young people so committed to education.

Building one’s skill set beyond basic education is to display a deep desire to be employed.

A successful nation must have strong family structures, as seen here today, because no government can replace the role of family. Strong families build strong communities.

We deserve the same commitment from government as you have shown during your time here at TS Laherne.

This is why I will continue to work to bring change to this Metro. Change that brings ever-present freedom, fairness and opportunity for all.

Thank you for being true leaders and for your invaluable contribution to society.