Access to water in Nkomazi is a daily struggle

By James Masango MPL, Spokesperson for CoGTA:

The following statement was delivered today by the DA Spokesperson for CoGTA, James Masango MPL, during a sitting on questions for oral reply to the MEC’s which took place in Nkomazi.  Taking Legislature to the People.

Honourable Speaker.

I rise to deliver a member statement on behalf of the Democratic Alliance.

The oversight visits by the DA in Nkomazi yesterday to communities, schools and clinics revealed a sad story on the availability of water in the area.

In areas where there are water pipes, the availability of water is still a problem with various other challenges experienced by the community. In some areas water is available only three days in a week, while other areas water is available at night and some residents don’t have access to water at all because the pressure is not enough to reach them.

Those who are financially stable, like the MPLs staying in Nkomazi, can afford to buy big jojo tanks to store water and some residents who are connected to the ANC, the municipality makes sure they get water from the tankers.

The poor and those who are not connected to the ANC, suffer the most when it comes to accessing water.

School children after visiting toilets can’t even wash their hands. We were told that some young girls prefer to stay home when they go through their menstrual cycle days, because they don’t have access to water at schools. The same applies to staff members and patients at clinics who are faced with the same problem.

This is a health risk to the community.

Honorable Speaker, water is life. This basic human right, is needed for among others, household chores including the preparation of food for families. This is not negotiable. People deserve better.

I thank you.