ANC adamantly ignores terrible sanitation conditions of learners in Nkomazi

By Jane Sithole MPL, DA Spokesperson on Education:

The following motion was delivered today by DA Spokesperson on Education, Jane Sithole MPL, during a sitting on questions for oral reply to the MEC’s which took place in Nkomazi. Taking Legislature to the People.

Honourable Speaker.

I rise to move a motion without notice on behalf of the Democratic Alliance, noting that:

The DA is very concerned that this Legislature did not visit a single school during this week of Taking Legislature to the People (TLP), the reason for this became clear yesterday when we, as the DA conducted oversight visits to several schools in the Nkomazi area. This Legislature doesn’t want to face the reality of what our learners face every day.

Hon. Speaker, Education MEC Reginah Mhaule, launched a literacy programme at Kamhlushwa Primary School on Monday this week, the school that was build about six years ago. Hon. MEC chose this school because it is the only school in Nkomazi that has access to water and sanitation.

Hon. Speaker, the MEC allocated over R1.8m to provide bulk services to Sidlamafa Senior Secondary School right here in Nkomazi and this project was supposed to have started in January this year and completed in December this year. The DA went there yesterday and to this date, nothing has happened. The people of Nkomazi are looking for answers. The flushing toilets at Sidlamafa are locked for several years now due to the unavailability of water.

Hon. Speaker, the MEC allocated R350 000 for the provision of water in Camalaza Secondary School right here in Nkomazi, the DA went there yesterday, and the toilets are in a shocking condition, the smell from the toilets goes up to the classrooms and there is not a single sign of the department living up to its promises.

Further noting Hon. Speaker that:

The DA will not rest until the learners of Nkomazi have adequate water and sanitation in schools and their dignity restored.

I move that:

This house compel the MEC and department of education to ensure that Sidlamafa Senior Secondary School and Camalaza Secondary Schools’s projects of water and sanitation are completed by December this year as per the MEC’s budget promise which she made in her budget speech this year.

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