ANC rejects DA motion to eradicate water and sanitation problem in schools

By Jane Sithole MPL, Spokesperson on Education:

The following motion was delivered today by DA Spokesperson on Education, Jane Sithole MPL, during a sitting on questions for oral reply to the MEC’s which took place in Nkomazi.  Taking Legislature to the People.

Honourable Speaker.

I rise to move a motion without notice on behalf of the Democratic Alliance, noting that:

40% of schools in Mpumalanga are being forced to continue without access to basic services such as water and sanitation, on a daily basis.

Hon Speaker, during the budget speech earlier this year, Hon. MEC Reginah Mhaule promised that in the current financial year, 178 schools would benefit from the eradication of this problem and she also promised to deal with this backlog.

She further allocated an amount of R241 million to achieve this.

Hon. Speaker 708 schools across our province still do not have adequate sanitation, 15 schools that the DA visited across our province do not have a single toilet, forcing learners and teachers to go to the bush to relieve themselves.

Further noting, Hon. Speaker that:

It is impossible to thrive in an environment where you are forced to go to the bush to relieve yourself, either as a teacher or as a learner.

The learning condition of learners in our province’s schools leaves much to be desired.

Hon. Speaker, the maintenance of good physical infrastructure at schools will enhance access to quality education, whilst inadequate and poorly maintained infrastructure compromises learners. All schools in Mpumalanga must have access to adequate sanitation.

I move that this house:

Recognises the budget set aside to alleviate the challenges faced by schools in our province in regards to water and sanitation backlog.

I further move that this house compels the MEC and her department to ensure that all 178 schools sanitation and basic services project must start and be completed in this financial year, as this will lead to a proper learning environment which is essential to ensure our children are no longer subjected to this.

I so move.