City of Joburg perpetuates illegal land occupation

By Alan Fuchs MPL, DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Infrastructure Development:

The City Of Johannesburg (CoJ) needs to ramp up its housing roll-out capabilities, because current inefficiencies are perpetuating the illegal occupation of land.

At a recent public meeting in ward 97 Wilgeheuwel, illegal occupants of government owned land made it clear that they have no other alternative but to violate the law, as the CoJ has not provided them with adequate housing.

During this meeting the Member of the Mayoral Committee for housing, Mr Dan Bovu, claimed that the illegal occupants would only be moved once suitable alternative accommodation became available.

However, no timeframes were provided.

Past experience shows that illegal land occupants increasingly remain indefinitely, as poor planning, coordination and corruption prevent the roll out of sufficient housing.

As a result, these areas are rarely serviced, have inadequate water and sanitation, and expose people to unnecessary health risks while suffering undignified living conditions.

The CoJ cannot escape its Constitutional mandate of providing access to dignified living conditions, sanitation and clean water.

It is a widely accepted fact that in DA-led municipal administrations, service delivery is effective and residents enjoy a decent quality of life.

The DA-governed Midvaal municipality is testament to this fact, with more than 92% of its residents enjoying access to quality and decent housing, water and sanitation facilities.

The truth is, where the DA governs, life is better.

With the 2016 local government elections looming, the ANC-led City of Joburg needs to expedite its service delivery programme – or else it will be humiliated at the polls