Crime stats: Sexual offences by Police grow 53,1% – murder and car hijacking rise too

By Katlego Suzan Phala (MPL), DA Limpopo Spokesperson on Safety ,Security and Liaison:

The DA is deeply concerned that Limpopo is no longer one of South Africa’s safer provinces. The national government’s grip over the South African Police Service is losing the war against crime.

Crime statistics released today indicate that murder and car hijacking cases are on the rise across the province.

According to the stats, murder cases have increased by 6.8 % whilst attempted murder has increased from 748 charges to 793 charges which is a 6.0 % increase as compared to last year.

Even though civilian sexual offence cases have dropped from 4423 to 4312 (which is a 2.5% decrease) sexual offenses as a result of police action has risen from 1905 to a shocking 2917 which is a 53.1% increase.

Car hijacking has also increased from 249 to 345 (a 38.6 % increase) which is the highest as compared to other provinces. Other crime rate that have increased in the various categories includes:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs is up by 41.7 %
  • Drug related crimes is also up by 21.1 %
  • Robbery with aggravating circumstances is up by 18.6 %
  • Robbery at residential premises is up by 16.4%

The SAPS are failing dismally to fight against crime in the province

We need proper police training, filling of vacancies, disciplined police leadership and specialised units, including rural safety units.

Limpopo must be a safer province were the residents don’t have to live under siege in their increasingly alarm-protected cars as well as high-walled and barricaded homes fearing for their lives.

The DA is deeply concerned that with crime increasing in the province, economic growth will be deeply affected which will further increase job losses in the province. Despite the increase, the DA believes that the statistics need to be audited in order to be trusted. Crime stats have previously been released with incorrect statistics for Limpopo. An external and independent body should audit our crime statistics.

That is why the DA’s vision for South Africa is one in which our country is safer than ever before, with a competent, well-equipped police service finally turning the tide against crime. The DA believes that specialised units must be returned to the SAPS to combat the increasing crime in the province.

The DA will write to the portfolio chairperson on safety and security to summon the Limpopo Police Commissioner, Lt.Gen. Fanie Masemola as well as MEC for Safety, Mapula Mokaba Phukwane to come and account for the increase in crime and to answer for why specialised units have not been reintroduced.