DA challenges ANC to condemn Mohloana, or be seen to support him

By Jacques Smalle MPL, DA Limpopo Leader:

The Democratic Alliance in Limpopo is deeply concerned that Clifford Mohloana continues to inflict a reign of terror upon education at Luthuli Secondary School, without any sanction.

Mohloana cannot use Luthuli Secondary as his personal Luthuli House, driving an ANC agenda from inside a school. (see-photo)

The ANC has chosen to ignore his recent assaults on Laer-Skool Noord by Mohloana’s Luthuli Secondary School mob. Mohloana is an ANC cadre, and must be disciplined as such. (See-photo)

The assaults followed a violent protest march of learners and parents from the school to the department of education and further gaining illegal access to Laerskool Pietersburg Noord on Thursday 17 September at 12:45.  9 Learners from the school were assaulted.

The DA is concerned that this incident caused and publicly motivated by the ANC’s Mohloana has been ignored by the governing party. Mohloana often inflict his terror while wearing full ANC regalia. (See-photo)

The ANC is hell-bent on racial politics in Limpopo, and is using people on the basis of their race, rather than unifying the province. This is also clear from Mohloana’s utterances on social media (see-photo).

Dragging feet in ensuring that its member is disciplined is a clear indication that the ANC promotes this treacherous behavior, which is ruining education at Luthuli Secondary School.

The DA strives to build a nation with a future of freedom fairness and opportunity and that the barriers of the past should be removed and not compounded by reckless action of self serving individuals.