DA debates motion on labour absorptive industries

The following speeches were delivered in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature today by the DA’s Janet Semple MPL, Janho Engelbrecht MPL, Ina Cilliers MPL, and Ashor Sarupen MPL during debates on the motion of the Gauteng Provincial Government’ s debate on South Africa’s Labour Absorptive industries.


Speech by

Janet Semple MPL

DA Shadow MEC for Economic Development

“Reduce the state’s involvement in the economy”

Speech Highlights:

  • Nationalisation is a job killer and an investment deterrent
  • Mineral wealth beneath the soil is already nationalised in terms of the Mineral & Petroleum Resources Act of 2003
  • ESKOM is an example that emphasis state is not the best or most efficient body to be running such entities
  • Government should be investing in the necessary infrastructure that allows the entrepreneurs to grow which in turn will create jobs and wealth
  • It is difficult for state owned entities to modernise at the rate necessary for cost effective delivery
  • We don’t need 100 black industrialists to create jobs, we need 1 million black entrepreneurs to create jobs
  • We need to tailor our education systems to produce graduates highly skilled in our countries’ niche production areas for an entire supply chain, and use the supply chain to bolster small business development.

The full speech can be obtained here.


Speech by:

Janho Engelbrecht MPL

DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Environmental Affairs

“Play to your strengths to build a strong economy”

Speech highlights

  • South Africa has to prioritize on its industry strengths like mining, agriculture, tourism and automotive industry.
  • All these industries face a number of challenges
  • Our country’s poor administrative rights process has led to a dramatic increase in skepticism of South Africa as a mining destination
  • There has been a distinguishable tendency in South Africa of poor administration of rights applications and processes, seeing applicants experiencing delays
  • The tourism industry is marred by the nonsensical visa regulations resulting in a 150 000 tourist decline costing the country up to R1.6 billion
  • The automotive industry has a real competitive advantage, however sustained labour unrest has left international confidence at an all-time low

The full speech can be obtained here.


Speech by

Ina Cilliers MPL

DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Infrastructure Development

“Policy certainty will boost agricultural sector”

Speech highlights:

  • Since 2006, South Africa has been a net importer of processed foods
  • The net importation of processed foods has led to a drop in employment in the agricultural sector
  • We need to ask WHY, in spite of consensus in this House about or economic reality, are we still unable to unlock the potential of our people?
  • If we do not address the real reasons behind these observations and facts, we will make an incorrect diagnosis which will lead us to applying an incorrect solution
  • Since the agricultural sector is singled out in this motion, there is nothing in the current hostile policy confusion of the government that entices anybody to stay in agriculture
  • The agricultural sector requires a massive investment in infrastructure
  • Our farmers need to know where they stand

The full speech can obtained here.


Speech by

Ashor Sarupen MPL

DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Finance

“An open economy is a growing economy”

Speech highlights

  • State ownership of all land and industry was tried and failed by many states
  • Foreign investment into manufacturing will provide the demand for goods and services from small businesses.
  • It is through an open economy and investment that we can achieve 1-million black owned businesses
  • It’s good to see the members in red today, I was getting worried that with the Prada and Gucci, they had abandoned their struggle altogether.
  • What the EFF really want is to take the economy away from the people and give it to themselves in order to fund the lifestyle of its commander in chief
  • Calls for nationalisation, state ownership, 100-mega wealthy so called industrialists comes as a result of corrupt leaders wanting to make themselves even richer, while making all South African’s poor

The full speech can be obtained here.