DA wants justice done

By Safiyia Stanfley, MPL, DA Provincial Spokesperson on Gender, Youth and Persons with Disabilities:

The Democratic Alliance calls for the harshest possible punishment for Rudolf Coetzee, who has plead guilty to 45 crimes.

The charges constitute a range of crimes against children, including

rape and sexual assault.   The court must send a strong message to the

community that crimes against children are unacceptable and will be punished severely.

It is unacceptable that anybody preys on our children, who are a vulnerable segment of our society and must be protected. As a photographer, Mr. Coetzee had contact with many young children. He abused his position to gain and then destroy their trust.

The fact Mr. Coetzee has plead guilty and has shown some willingness to accept responsibility for his actions is welcome, but he cannot escape punishment for his many crimes.

We hope that the sentence will bring closure for his victims and their families.