DA welcomes investigation into health workers overtime claims

By Dr Tutu Faleni (MPL), DA North West Health Spokesperson:

The Democratic Alliance in the North West fully supports to the Department of Health’s investigation into the overtime payments of health care personnel in all public health facilities.

Besides a substantial amount of the Health Department’s budget being utilized for personnel remuneration, the department still has to pay more money for overtime.

Budgeting for overtime adds an additional burden to an already frail Health Department. The DA believes that  fraudulent overtime claims and unregulated over time work constitute the biggest threat towards normalizing the financial situation of the Health Department which is already under financial administration.

The DA welcomes the Health Department’s efforts to curb unregulated overtime claims and payments; monitoring of work attendances, non-attendance and late coming of staff.

Non-attendance and late coming by medical personnel at hospitals and clinics also affects the delivery of critical services at public health facilities.

We are of the view that with proper regulation of overtime claims and payments, the Health Department will be able to stabilize its financial burdens and further allow it to utilize funds for health care services rather than just salaries.

We therefore appeal to all public health workers to fully cooperate with the department’s investigation.

The DA will ask  Health MEC Dr Magome Masike to introduce mechanisms of monitoring work attendance of all personnel and payments to ensure that there are no fraudulent overtime claims in future.