DA welcomes Mpumalanga News apology

By James Masango MPL, DA Mpumalanga Leader:

The DA warmly welcomes the apology and retraction issued by Mpumalanga News in today’s publication following an article last week that incorrectly attributed fault to the Democratic Alliance in a story about water shortages.

As such the DA will not pursue its actions of laying a complaint to the press ombudsman.

We have always maintained a good working relationship with the media and commend Mpumalanga News for acknowledging their mistake and rectifying it quickly.

The media plays a crucial role in society – to objectively report fact, supported by balanced comments.

We encourage the Mpumalanga News team to continue their work as the watchdogs of Mpumalanga as this is vital for maintaining a healthy democracy. We also urge them not to hesitate to contact us for comment on any matter pertaining to the wellbeing of the province and all its people.