DA welcomes teacher naming and shaming

By Safiyia Stanfley, MPL, DA Provincial Spokesperson on Education:

The Democratic Alliance in the Northern Cape welcomes the resolution by the South African Council of Educators to name and shame teachers who are guilty of sexual offences among others.

This comes as sexual offences of teachers against learners were the second highest in the number of complaints received by the council.

The council indicated that in the previous financial year (2014/15) it received a total of 586 complaints against teachers, compared to 283 the year before.

The DA is particularly pleased that teachers who are convicted for sexual offences will be struck off the roll and blacklisted.

This will mean teachers who are struck off the roll will not teach in South Africa, and other countries, ever again.

The DA believes this should send a strong message that our schools are supposed to be safe havens for children and a hub of teaching and learning, and this behavior will not be tolerated.

When teachers make sexual advances to learners it rips them off their dignity as they are supposed to be role models for them.

The DA also welcomes plans to introduce an induction programme for newly qualified educators who are entering the system before they are registered.

According to the council the year-long induction will ensure that the competence of new teachers is the right fit for the profession.

The teaching profession requires passion and dedication, it should not be viewed as just a job.

These are steps in the right direction to ensure the teaching profession is professionalized and in turn improving quality.