DA will report Naledi Municipal Manager to the Green Scorpions for dumping raw sewage

By Cllr. Louwna Pretorius, DA Councillor, Naledi, Vryburg:

The Democratic Alliance in Naledi, Vryburg has photo evidence in our possession, showing Naledi Municipality officials pumping raw sewage into a field near Devondale village.

Workers of Naledi were caught on camera, the second time in a month, while they were busy pumping out sewage from their tankers into an open field.

The Municipal Manager Modisenyane Thompson Segapo had previously promised to “give urgent attention to the problem” of sewage dumping, but has flagrantly ignored the problem and broken his promise.

For this reason, the DA will report Segapo to the Green Scorpions, under      the Environmental Management Inspectorate of the Department of Environment.

In the past month Vryburg has seen raw sewage running down the streets, due to sewage pipes that broke because of overall lack of maintenance to the sewage disposal system. Some residents of Vryburg have permanent sewage welling up in their backyards.

An investigation is long overdue as the Municipality continues to ignore the sewage crisis, and now is making it worse by dumping raw sewage into open fields.

Naledi Municipality operates a sheltered employment agency, with approximately 42% of its annual budget being spent on salaries, while hopelessly neglecting maintenance and new infrastructure construction.

Where the DA governs we maintain existing infrastructure, and we build new infrastructure. StatsSA’s has found that the DA-run Western Cape provides the greatest number of free basic services to the poor, does so for free for those who earn below a threshold, and does so better than ANC-governed municipalities.


This is the quality service delivery which the DA wants to bring to more and more places across South Africa.