Debate on municipal funding model speech

The following speech was delivered in the House by Masizole Mnqasela, MPL, Spokesperson for Local Government:

Madame Speaker ,

The Hon  Premier Helen Zille

Hon Ministers

Hon Members

Distinguished guests

Members of Media

Ladies and Gentlemen


Madame Speaker, this debate comes at a time when we face one of the most difficult times in the history of our economy. More jobs are lost, more and more people will rely on the state for survival. Our economic growth has reached the historic low in our democratic dispensation. In 1994 the ANC promised the majority of the oppressed a better life for all. Madame Speaker, they delivered a better life for some. As the famous fable of Animal Farm, by George Orwell says, that, “all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”.

Speaker only the DA delivers A better Life for All, we deliver a universal access to basic services better than any province in South Africa. We don’t believe in political expedience, and empty rhetoric. We are the leaders in governance. We are the champions in the provision of quality services to our communities.

Madame Speaker, there is evidence to the assertion that, We Deliver ;

Better Economic Growth.

Better Health Care System.

Better Municipal Administration, and Governance.

Better Quality of Life.

Speaker we are known for excellence.  We are known for great things.

The DA advocates for an inclusive, and infrastructure-led, people-centric economic growth.


That, under a DA government the economy will grow as

much as the jobs, and the quality of life of the people will improve. That means we will not have the economy that grows, and its people remain poor.

Speaker the people of this province will tell you, from Central Karoo to Overberg, From Eden to Cape Town, From Cape Winelands to the West Coast, they will all tell you that Life is much better under the DA government. Even other provinces are saying they want to live in a Municipality governed by the DA. Nelson Mandela Bay, Tshwane. And many more are ready for the DA. Because we bring hope.

According to the NDP we must grow at 5% in order to combat the triple challenges of Poverty, Unemployment and Inequality.  Under the current government in South Africa we are growing at less than 1%. Unemployment is growing exponentially.

The impact of the stagnating economy can be seen in migratory patterns. People are moving in desperation, seeking for better opportunities.

Often these people move to Municipalities, which are perceived to be offering better opportunities and deliver better services. The impact of this is evident. The Western Cape has shown the greatest percentage increase in population growth over the past 5 years per stats SA with huge inwards migration. “WC’s Population growth rate is much faster than any other province’ says Statistician General Pali LehohlaThis places great strain on councils ability to deliver basic services to an ever growing population.SA population grew by 1.65%Economic growth currently below 1%.

And we are sitting with legacy challenges of unemployment, poverty and inequality

Since president Zuma took office 1m more people have become unemployed.

Increased desperation of our people due to national governments inability to grow the   economy and give people jobs, meaning there is a massive, growing demand on councils to   deliver services they have no funding for.

The total Municipal Grant Funding Model needs a complete overhaul, if we are to succeed and sustain municipal governance, and provision of basic services to the people.

Speaker, South Africa needs change and that change is coming!  The Grinding Blue Machine is coming. South Africa is projected to have the 8th highest unemployment rate in the world in 2015, according to a new report issued by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).Depressingly, the report forecasts that the situation is not expected to change for the next 5 years. More than, 3.5million South African Youth are unemployed, 1 out of every 3 people in South Africa are unemployed.

We sit here all of us have jobs but the majority of the people out there in the street are looking for jobs and they can’t find one.

Madame Speaker, Yes, George Orwell was right,” Some Animals are More Equal than Others”.

Abantu Kuqala, Kuqala Abantu!

Qina Mhlali Qina!