Gauteng Community Safety on the brink of bankruptcy

By Michele Clarke MPL, Spokesperson on Community safety:

The Gauteng Department of Community Safety is on the brink of bankruptcy. A recent committee report revealed that in the last three financial years the department’s accruals have only worsened  from R67 215 million in 2012/2013 to  R 117 200 million 2013/2014  and R117 460 million 2014/2015.

The report further revealed that the poor management of accruals, the over-commitment by the department, and poor implementation of procurement plans coupled with poor management of the G- Fleet accruals has left the department falling short on executing imperative service deliverables.

Examples of careless spending can be seen in how the department spends R 1 040 567 monthly on a building – aimed for the use of traffic officers in Kruis street Johannesburg-  which is not been fully utilized with  many floors vacant. Another example of wasteful expenditure is shown by the monthly payment of  R 1 995 000 to a company providing connectivity for CCTV cameras in the South African Police war room which added no value to the department acting simply as an oversight tool.

While we welcome the corrective steps that the department has now put in place, like in-housing of administrative tasks and the termination of contracts which have been draining department budgets.

We call on all Gauteng department’s be proactive in seeking to reduce unnecessary costs. This can be done by exchanging best practice methods with other provinces as opposed to being reactive which is compromising on imperative deliverables.

Community Safety in Gauteng plays a critical role in other socio-economic needs of our province. Execution on deliverables cannot be compromised by careless expenditure.