Jordaan building bloated Mayoral office at cost of service delivery

By Athol Trollip, DA Mayoral Candidate: Nelson Mandela Bay:

In today’s press conference, recycled empty promises by Danny Jordaan rung hollow, and have shown up his failures in 100 days of governance. Jordaan has continued to lead this Metro away from good governance and further from rectifying service delivery. Today’s words from Jordaan show no progress, no improvements and little concern for the plight of our people.

While Jordaan speaks of some cosmetic interventions, all of which were mere publicity stunts, he had no tangible positive impact on the lives of residents to speak of. No new housing deliverables, no new jobs, no new safety and security outcomes and no new economic development was detailed – because Jordaan has none to speak of.

While announcing uninspiring “success” stories, a more sinister truth is revealing itself in Nelson Mandela Bay where the ANC is presently considering massively increasing and bloating the size of the Mayor’s office and staff, Deputy Mayor’s, Chief Whip’s and Speaker’s office and staff too. This is a final confirmation of just how out of touch and greedy this government really is. The ANC has long left the people of Nelson Mandela Bay behind.

The DA is in possession of documents that outline proposals that would see the Executive offices increase by 49 new expensive staff members who will be appointed politically.

The people of Nelson Mandela Bay continue to be faced with a catastrophic housing crisis, debilitating levels of crime and drug abuse, poor or non-existent sanitation services, a non-functional and wasteful IPTS, and an idle City Manager who is being considered for a large pay-out at residents’ expense. Yet, the ANC is only concerned with employing even more cadres to further enrich and entrench its patronage network.

Despite Mayor Danny Jordaan’s commitment to reduce expenditure just over 100 days ago, instead, this latest ANC administration is proving to be only interested in serving a connected few, at the expense of service delivery for all.

The veneer around Jordaan is crumbling – he now clearly is embarking on a cadre-deployment project, identical to those seen under previous ANC administrations. 100 days into office, Danny Jordaan has dodged scandals, rather than delivering change and hope.

To his credit, the DA welcomes Jordaan’s admission and owning-up to being a part-time Mayor at today’s press conference, as reported by media in attendance.

In the style of his boss, Jacob Zuma, Danny Jordaan has taken to handing over what should be commonplace municipal deliverables at a FIFA-style extravaganza, rather than getting the fundamentals right and delivering for all.

The DA is set on winning Nelson Mandela Bay in the 2016 elections to restore service delivery for all and to implement a lean and efficient government of action.