Mogale City crushes service delivery hopes of informal settlements

By Alan Fuchs MPL, DA Gauteng Constituency Head – Mogale City:

The protest action this week by thousands of Munsieville informal settlement residents over lack of electricity and decent services comes as a result of broken promises.

As far back as 2009, Mogale City Executive Mayor, Calvin Seerane said that challenges existed in terms of meeting the 2014 deadline of the eradication of informal settlements.

While a database had been created in 2010 and informal settlement residents had been informed of plans to relocate or upgrade their settlements, nothing much has changed.

To this day people continue to live in poor conditions without electricity and proper sanitation, and protesters have threatened to make Mogale City ungovernable if their demands are not met.

It is simply not justifiable to raise people’s hopes, only to have them crushed by an inability to implement.

While residents of Tudor Shaft informal settlement were recently informed that processes to facilitate their relocation had been approved, the DA believes that only a portion will be moved before the 2016 local government elections.

Residents will not receive quality services when municipalities try to crisis manage its past delivery failures.

Quality service delivery comes as a result of proper planning and execution, which is a hallmark of DA-led municipalities across the country.

Midvaal, Gauteng’s only DA-led municipality, every year scores the highest in the province in financial management, meeting service delivery targets and improving people’s quality of life.

As Gauteng and the rest of South Africa counts down to the 2016 local government elections, the Midvaal story can become reality in every municipality, because where the DA governs, life is better.