North West not ready for 2016 drought

By SP Motswenyane (MPL), DA North West Spokesperson Rural, Environment and Agricultural Development:

Drought is almost a certainty in the North West province by March 2016 and the provincial government is not ready to ameliorate this coming disaster.

The World Meteorological Organization has warned of this impending drought, which is of great concern.

The Department of Rural and Agricultural Development should have implemented 24 Disaster Risk Reduction programs in the first quarter of 2015/2016, yet only implemented four of them to date.

We share in the delight of farmers after recent rains but with drought on the horizon this will be short-lived comfort.

The DA will now put in questions to the MEC demanding answers on the remaining 20 Disaster Risk Reduction programmes which must still be implemented, and other measures to relieve the effects of the impending drought.

The Agricultural sector is the sector feeds the nation and needs government relief when drought is imminent.