Patensie without water

By PR Cllr Jan Joy, Kouga Municipality:

Residents of Patensie were furious because they have been without water for 11 days due to the bursting of several water pipes and broken pressure valves.

On Tuesday, 8 September 2015, irate residents in Patensie complained that they have been out of water for three days, since Saturday 5 September 2015.   Municipal staff was not responsive so the Democratic Alliance (DA) referred the matter directly to the municipal manager, Mr Sydney Fadi.

He explained that it was a burst pipe and that the matter was resolved around noon on that Tuesday.  Since then the water was off most of the time and there has been little pressure.  The staff claimed that another pipe had burst and that they turned the water off for the reservoir to fill up first.

By Friday, 11 September 2015, there was still no water.  Mr Fadi was contacted again and later advised that the municipality was awaiting a pressure valve from a service provider, which is only due by Wednesday, 16 September 2015.

He advised that water was being distributed into the area of Vergenoeg and Noorshoek (Die Tiep). Residents of Vergenoeg and Noorshoek (Die tiep) in Ramaphosa Village as well as the residents in Patensie town area are very angry about being left without water for 11 days.

Patensie has just gone through a major sewerage infrastructure upgrade and simple problem identification and repair of such an elementary issue should be relatively straight forward.
The municipality shouldn’t take such a long time to identify the actual problem and have water restored to Patensie.

I will request that our constituency leader, Elza van Lingen MP, ask Parliamentary questions on this water shortage without intervention from the Water and Sanitation department.

Under a DA government, we will implement an immediate water recovery plan including fixing the pipes, stopping the leaks, upgrading water supply infrastructure, and expanding access to clean water to every resident.