People of Nkomazi must be financially independent

By James Masango MPL, Spokesperson on CoGTA:

The following debate was delivered today by the DA Spokesperson on CoGTA, James Masango MPL, during a snap debate on the successes and achievements of government services in Nkomazi for the past twenty years.  Taking Legislature to the People.

Honourable Speaker.

The statistics from Statistics South Africa for 2011 gave us the following facts with regard to Nkomazi from an independent body that is objective.


The most important of all is unemployment; we know that this is a dream for every individual to be financially independent.


The unemployment rate in Nkomazi in 2011 was 34.2% with the youth stats at 42.3%. This might have increased now given the facts of our economic situation at the current moment. More and more people are being retrenched as we speak.


In 2011 piped water inside houses was at 21% and flush toilets connected to sewerage at 7.7%. That same year the ANC was already in government for 17 years. This means that even after 100 years, if the ANC is still in government, Nkomazi, Mpumalanga and South Africa as a whole, will still be using pit toilets and going to the bushes.


After 21 years of democracy, many people are still struggling to get portable water as required by our constitution. Talking about flush toilets is like dreaming.


Let me turn our attention to the CoGTA report for 2013/14 which is not an independent body but a government department.


Access to water at 80.9%

Access to electricity at 96.57 and not moving

Access to sanitation at 66.8%


There are 1 702km of municipal roads of that 1539km is gravel road and only 163km is tarred, shockingly all those tarred roads have potholes. Just last week we saw members of the community of Mbuzini here in Nkomazi blocking roads and burning tyres to have their roads tarred.


Let’s see how this municipality is spending our money that we entrusted them to manage by looking at the Auditor General’s Reports:


In 2011/12 financial report, was the worse, a disclaimer.

In 2012/13 financial report, it was a qualified.

In 2013/14 financial report, it was a qualified. No improvement.


There’s no doubt that political interference and corruption caused this.


The unauthorized expenditure is R 118.7 million.

The irregular expenditure is R 56.2 million.


This money could have been used to supply many households with water. This is a clear indication that our money is not in good hands under the ANC government.


Honorable Speaker, this debate is all about promises, promises and promises which was made 20 years ago and till today, people are still waiting.


Our presence here this week, is just one of those exercises we keep on doing year after year all over Mpumalanga, and nothing happens.


Tomorrow is our last day in Nkomazi, and as usual, like all other municipalities this government visited, their problems will continue until the legislature comes again and will make more promises that the government will not keep