Premier Mchunu is not in touch with reality

By Sizwe Mchunu, MPL, Leader of the DA in the KZN Legislature:

KZN Premier, Senzo Mchunu’s call to the ANC in the province, to move away from drafting policies and start implementing programmes, is long overdue.

The comment was made at a three day provincial cabinet Lekgotla held recently. During the gathering the Premier also stated that opposition parties and government critics needed to be silenced ahead of local government elections.


Premier Mchunu’s remarks are a clear indication that the ANC is threatened by the DA’s vigorous and decisive oversight and how we are likely to feature in these upcoming elections.


The DA believes that the Premier is out of touch with reality in our province and continues to gloss over the hardships experienced by so many in KZN.

People continue to suffer under ANC rule with rape, HIV/Aids, unemployment, poverty and inequality rife.  Meanwhile, service delivery is either slow or virtually non-existent.

Much of this is the result of internal ANC factionalism and the lack of political leadership in this province.


As KZN and South Africa’s official opposition, the DA clearly understands its critical watchdog role and continues to be a thorn in the side of the ANC-led government.

We are committed to consistently and vigorously exposing ANC failures while offering workable solutions.

In a recent DA-led debate in the KZN Legislature, we presented our Values Charter of Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity and Vision 2029 as workable alternatives for the people of this province.

Our vision for South Africa is clear and has the ability to bring about the KZN of our dreams.