SANRAL must independently verify Waterkloof footbridge’s stability

By Justus de Goede MPL, DA Gauteng Spokesperson for Transport:

A footbridge over the N1 highway for learners from the nearby Waterkloof High School has come under scrutiny as the stability of the structure is in dispute.

In December 2014, DA Ward Councillor for the area, Francois Bekker, received reports that a heavy vehicle had collided with the bridge, damaging it and making it unstable.

The situation was reported to the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, who referred the matter to the South African Roads Agency (SANRAL). The bridge was closed to pedestrians and repaired by SANRAL who subsequently stated that it was satisfied with the stability of the bridge.

However, members of the public, including the principal of Waterkloof High School, have inspected the bridge and disagree with SANRAL about the stability of the structure.

The DA calls on SANRAL to put the public’s mind at ease by conducting a transparent overview of the state of the Waterkloof Bridge together with an independent professional engineering body, and to make the report available for scrutiny.

If not, it may open itself up to future liability should the structure collapse onto one of the country’s busiest stretches of highway.

Every day, SANRAL and government forces Gauteng’s motorists to pay unfair and unjust e-tolls for what is termed world class highways.

Unstable bridges across those highways must be maintained to comply with those same standards.