SAPS Hawks applauded for rescue of kidnapped East London toddler

By Bobby Stevenson (MPL), Shadow MEC for Safety and Security:

The DA applauds the SAPS Hawks for the recovery of an East London three-year-old toddler who was allegedly kidnapped by her nanny a month ago.

As a parent myself, I was deeply touched by this story.  It is every parent’s nightmare that their child may be stolen or come to serious harm.

The reunion of the child with her parents today, brings great joy and relief not only to the parents involved but to the entire Eastern Cape, who shares their happiness.

The work done by the SAPS reminds us of what we all dream of, safe communities where our children can play in the streets and families can get on with their lives and live in freedom without the fear of criminals.

Congratulations to the Hawks and everyone involved, for a great team effort in recovering little Cindy and bringing her back to her parents.  The whole of the Eastern Cape celebrates in this joyous occasion.