Snap debate on Social development

The following speech was delivered by Katlego Suzan Phala DA MPL, to the Limpopo Provincial Legislature on 22 September 2015 during a Snap debate on the department of social development.

Hon speaker

Hon Members and MECs

As we debate this reports today, I would like to remind the Hon MEC of our Former presidents words when he said   ‘’our children are the rock on which our future will be built, our greatest asset as a nation. They will be the leaders of our country, the creators of our national wealth, those who care for and protect our people.’’

Hon Speaker sadly children of these very province, our rocks of tomorrow, greatest assets of this nation are robbed of their freedom, Fairness and opportunities of being leaders of this country, Children who have the potential of creating our national  wealth, to care and protect the country and its people are not cared for by the Social Development department.

The departments expenditure was expected to be 25% of the budget per quarter however, during the 1st quarter of 14/15 financial year the department was already failing to spend the budget and stood at 15% spent on the 1st quarter, the lowest expenditure in two programmes, under programme 3 Child and family services – this programme is to provide services to orphans, vulnerable children and children in communities.

And programme 4 the second to underspend Restorative Service-a programme that should deal with children in conflict with the law, victim empowerment, substance abuse, prevention and rehabilitation.

In the 2nd quarter of the 14/15 financial year the Department was still stubborn to spend the money on the children of this province, they department moved from 15% under spending to  28% under spending, as some 39 members in this house may applaud to the 13%increase in spending under programme 3, it is worrying as the department should have reached 50%in spending, it is even more worrying when the department exceeds its 5 of its 10 targets under programme 3, we wonder how the department sets its target, programme 4 seemed to be a challenge for the department to implement social prevention and support programmes, the  department did not meet its target of referring children in conflicts with the law for diversion programmes  and those who completed diversions

As the DA we cannot applaud to under spending of such vital programmes on each quarter, we cannot applaud to the under spending that robs orphan’s and vulnerable children free and fair benefits of freedom

The Department should improve provision of services to  in conflict with the law.?children

The department needs to improve its expenditure on  and 4 and spend the money under this programme, programme 3.

I doubt the struggle was to under spent on our people but to spent equally so for the betterment of our children the Future leaders of this country.

Thank you.