Sterkstroom community to march to demand better services

By Kobus Botha (MPL), Midlands constituency leader:

The municipal offices in Sterkstroom have been open only 18 days in the last three months. This means residents and businesses owners have been forced to travel a return trip of 54 kilometres to neighbouring town Molteno to buy electricity.

Despite the Inkwanca municipality last year being put under administration, the council being dissolved and a by-election held, there has been no change in the poor level of service delivery.

One of the greatest challenge facing the ANC in the Inkwanca local municipality is to stop appointing cadre’s that are only there to serve their own and party political factional interests, which have brought service delivery to a standstill.

On Wednesday, 23 September, the DA will be joining the community of Sterkstroom in a peaceful march to the municipal office, to demand that the council address:

  • Constant electricity outages;
  • Selective dissemination of information;
  • Lack of public meetings by mayor;
  • Ward 2, ward committee in Sterkstroom still not chosen; and
  • Municipal office in Sterkstroom is closed more than open.

Where the DA governs, we ensure that all residents are treated fairly by having the opportunity to access services from municipalities.