The ANC must deliver on their promises to the people of Nkomazi

By James Masango MPL, Leader of the official opposition:

The following motion was delivered today by the leader of the official opposition, James Masango MPL, during a sitting in Nkomazi on a snap debate on Heritage Day. Taking Legislature to the People.

Honourable Speaker.

I rise to move a motion without notice on behalf of the Democratic Alliance, noting that:

Taking Legislature to the People, was warmly welcomed by the people of Nkomazi this week, the community actively took part in the sittings and expressed their feelings whether good or bad.

Further noting, Hon Speaker, that

The engagement with residents during oversight visits was enlightening as well as humbling, the DA visited schools, clinics as well as engaged with the residents at their homes and on the streets.

The DA thanks the community of Nkomazi for their warm welcoming and engaging manner and we applauded them.

I move that this house;

Together with the DA, thank the community for hosting TLP and applauded them.

I further move that this house

Takes note of all promises made to the community of Nkomazi and ensures that the MEC’s deliver on their promises as this great community deserves a better life!

I so move.