Tlokwe Speaker continues to undermine and break rules

By Hans Jurie Moolman DA Tlokwe Caucus Chairperson:

The Democratic Alliance in Tlokwe is concerned that Council Speaker Segotso, has a total disregard for rules and order and breaks the law to suit her political ends.

Nearly three weeks ago the DA brought a motion of no confidence against Tlokwe Council Speaker Me Barei Segotso but she continues to ignore rules and regulations, the law, the constitution and the plight of people in Tlokwe.

Today 9 September 2015, Councillors were notified of a special council meeting tomorrow without an agenda or council items for discussion. There is no way to prepare for this meeting, to caucus before or to plan the business of serving the people of Tlokwe.

Speaker Segotso has proved herself to be a stumbling block to not only the democratic process but to progress in the Tlokwe City Council.

Under her leadership it has become a norm to have late notice of meetings issued, irregular postponement of meetings and council meetings, unlawful reconvening of meetings on almost no notice.

She continues to disregard the rules and refuses to hear reasonable submissions.

The DA is of the view that she cannot be impartial because of her allegiance to the ANC and her high profile position in the ANC. A Council Speaker is expected to act as an impartial adjudicator between the various political parties and yet Speaker Segotso continues to show favour to her comrades.  She is by law explicitly obliged to ensure that the municipal legislation and the Standing Rules of Order of the legislature are at all times adhered to.

The DA believes that the current and unrelenting attack on democracy reduces the Tlokwe City Council into a mockery and an institution comparable to a social club of the majority party. There is currently no transparency or rule of

This reasons further reinforces the reasons why the DA announced a motion of no confidence against the Speaker on 21 August 2015.

The time for Segotso to step down is now, in order to restore the rule of law. Segotso’s culture of lawlessness will only leave the people of Tlokwe further and further behind