UNISA must explain exam centre closures

By Lorraine Botha MPP, DA Western Cape Spokesperson on Premier:

The University of South Africa is closing more than 20 examination centres across South Africa. The Western Cape is among the three affected provinces.

In my capacity as the Chairperson on the Standing Committee on Premier in the Western Cape Provincial Parliament, I will write to the Chancellor of UNISA, Judge President Bernard Makgabo Ngoepe, to call on him to send a delegate to appear before the committee to explain the impact that this will have on the Western Cape.

In an alarming report in the Cape Argus today, it was stated that more than 50 000 students have been affected across South Africa, by the closure of examination centres. The reason given for these closures, is that the lease agreements for the examination centres have expired.

There is little detail available about why the lapsing of lease agreements have led to the closure of examination centres. There is also little detail available about how this will impact the students in the Western Cape. As such UNISA must answer the following:

  • Which examination centres will be closed?
  • How many students are affected by the closures?
  • How will UNISA rectify this disruption?
  • Why did the leases lapse and is this the only reason for the untimely examination centre closures?

The education of young people is non-negotiable in terms of growth and development in our province. We need to do all that we can to ensure that our youth has the best possible access to education so that they may unlock quality employment in their future.