Zebediela service delivery protests show up ANC failures of government

By Jacques Smalle MPL, DA Limpopo Leader:

The Democratic Alliance Limpopo denounces acts of arson that saw three school’s offices reduced to ashes in Volop outside Zebediela, as part of an ongoing service delivery protest in the area. A learner at Madibo High School has been killed by the protests, and this death saddened and shocked us.

The DA understands and sympathizes with the plight and frustrations of people in the area. But we discourage the burning of schools and other vital community infrastructure.  These are intended to uplift communities; they cannot be destroyed.

The DA is concerned that these protests have severely disrupted learning and teaching.

Learners have been walking up and down the streets hoping to see the reopening of the school, without any certainty.

Lepelle-Nkumpi municipality is being systematically destroyed by the ANC government and it is the people who must suffer as a result.

Infighting and factionalism mean that there is no stable government.

Where the DA governs, service delivery records and governance outcomes show commitment to spending public money for the people. We believe government must be more responsive to the needs of the people, and must spend money on people’s improvement.

Mr Premier you cannot sit and take your time to react to protests while innocent people end up trapped and dying as a result.

The Limpopo government must account for increasing protests and increasing violence. This will not change until people vote out Mathabatha’s government, and vote in a party with a record of good service delivery that cares for all people.

The DA wants to bring change to Limpopo, and will do with support from the people.