Circuit Manager can’t have her bread buttered on both sides

By Dr Tutu Faleni (MPL), DA North West Spokesperson for Education:

The Democratic Alliance in the North West is concerned that a Circuit Manager in the Ruth Mompati District has been assigned work at one of the political offices in the North West Government, but still receives her salary from the Department of Education.

The Democratic Alliance was informed during an Education Portfolio Committee meeting, that education authorities are unable to replace the manager because she has not resigned from her position in the Education Department.

The position of the Circuit Manager carries a lot of authority and responsibility and the absence of the Circuit Manager impacts on the management of educational affairs in the circuit.

The party is of the view that Circuit Managers play a pivotal role in school development and support and should be engaged with supervision, coaching, staff development, and modelling, designed to improve education in the communities.

This specific circuit has been achieving poor Grade 12 results over the past few years and the removal of a Circuit Manager would be detrimental to the improvement of education in that community.

We believe that internal politics of the ANC in the province has made it possible for the Circuit Manager to be removed to a political office to avoid dealing with the problems she has been experiencing in her educational circuit.

I will write an urgent letter to the MEC for Education, Ms Wendy Matsemela and ask her to provide an explanation on the situation of the Circuit Manager and on whether the said Circuit Manager will resign or return to fulfil her duties in the post where she was appointed.