DA demands apology from Premier & co.

By Andrew Louw MPL, DA Provincial Leader:

The DA is seeking recourse for the public denouncement of democratic principles as made by the Premier and the entire faction of ANC MPL’s who were present in yesterday’s House Sitting at the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature.

This comes after the Premier opposed a motion without notice, as put forward by myself, pertaining to the House recommitting itself to the principles which underscore our democracy. (See copy of the motion attached).

The entire sitting of ANC MPL’s also rejected this motion.

In my motion, I noted that the DA has reported the Northern Cape Provincial Government to President Jacob Zuma for its failure to respond to parliamentary questions for written reply and I specifically moved that the House promises to abide by Rule 213 of the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature, which specifically states that parliamentary questions for written reply must be responded to within ten working days of publication.

Before I even had a chance to finish reading my motion, it was shot down by a visibly disgruntled Premier and company.


The DA is shocked that the Premier and her cronies have so blatantly and thoughtlessly chosen to place themselves in contempt of the legislature.

As Public Representatives, they were sworn into position at the provincial legislature and undertook to abide by the rules governing legislature processes.

The DA has today written to Deputy Speaker, Juanita Beukes, who presided over yesterday’s House Sitting, to demand that the legislature seeks an apology from the Premier and her fellow MPL’s.

For as long as the Premier and her MPL’s fail to accept the Rules of this institution, the legislature will fail to operate as the oversight and law-making body that it is intended to be.

The DA will again table the very same motion at the next House Sitting and the House Sitting thereafter if needs be, until such time as the Premier and company acknowledge that they are bound by the rules of the legislature and that they are in fact not a law unto themselves.

10-20 Andrew – Parliamentary questions