DA will ask MEC to stop water wastage in Mahikeng

By Lisa Schickerling, DA Caucus Leader, Mafikeng:

The Democratic Alliance in Mahikeng is concerned with the municipality’s lack of urgency to fix a water leaks.

The Democratic Alliance reported a huge water leak that has resulted in the loss of thousands of litres of water on Monday 28 September. After numerous phone calls and emails to the Municipality, the leak was eventually attended to on Friday 2 October. We believe that one of the causes of the delay was lack of equipment on the Municipalities part, a TLB had to be hired to complete the work.

This is a result of poor management by the municipality and the fact that we are dealing with our third acting Municipal Manager for the year.

It is alarming seeing that this municipality could not account for more than 4 million kl of water in the latest available financial statements. This resulted into losses of more than R4.3 million in the 2013-2014 financial year.

This is a huge concern to the DA as the North West Province is currently showing signs of a pending drought. We are also a province currently racked by service delivery protests in which the lack of a basic service such as water is one of the main complaints.

This negligence by the municipality will result in fruitless and wasteful expenditure and is a slap in the face of community members who do not have access to running water.

The DA’s vision is to ensure that scarce, natural resources such as water is properly sustained.

South Africa is fast running out of water and faces a looming future of water shedding, one of the causes for this is mismanagement of water and huge water wastage through lack of maintenance and neglect as displayed by the Mafikeng Local Municipality.

The DA will write to MEC of Local Government Collen Maine informing him of the municipality’s negligence to attend to water leaks.

Where the DA governs resources are sustained through proper maintenance of infrastructure.