Debate on Sport Arts and Culture

The following speech was delivered by Katlego Suzan Phala DA MPL, to the Limpopo Provincial Legislature on 27 October 2015 during a debate on Sports, Arts and Culture.

Madam Speaker

The Department had no interest in solving its Asset management issues, since 20/11. The department has received four qualified audit outcomes in four consecutive years.

The department has since closed its ears from the recommendations made by auditors and even assistance from independent audit firms such as PWC, the Department . is still unable to develop and maintain a credible asset management register.

The Department inability to resolve the Asset management issue which keeps recurring in the Audit outcomes it’s a crystal clear indication that the Department lacks the relevant leadership to address this issue.

The Sports , Arts and Culture Department’s core service delivery mandate is to amongst others promote and contribute towards local economic growth, create job opportunities and also promote and contribute to nation building through sport, arts and culture.

The DA supports Art and Cultural festivals but however, we believe that there should be value for money and an opportunity for our department to partner up with local and private sectors.

What we do not support is the revenue generation drop of the Mapungubwe Arts Festival. The highest revenue collection was in 2006 an amount of R1, 3 million. It has since been dropping in revenue, it is amazingly shocking just how the department committed to more than R4 million for this expensive festival in 2014 yet could not commit itself in other programmes.

Madam Speaker , despite the 75% decrease in the past two years in revenue collection , the department has set aside R2 million aside for these years for Mapungubwe Arts Festival.

Madam Speaker with less than a month ago , the department’s spokesperson,  Malesela Ramaoka gave a comment in the media on behalf of the Hon MEC and of course, and I quote “Its intention has never been about generation of revenue” such ignorant words when taxpayers are repeatedly footing the multi-million festival bill and the Department’s core mandate being to promote and contribute towards local economic growth, surely as taxpayers keep footing the bill the revenue should justify where the tax payers money went.

It is unacceptable for the revenue to keep decreasing yet its yearly budget keeps on increasing.

Not only does the department get qualified audits and decreasing Mapungubwe Arts festival revenue generation , it has also decreased its contribution towards job creation. In 2012 /2013 financila year , 260 temporary jobs were created sadly the job creation number in 2013/14 was only 82 in a province were thousands of its youth are unemployed.

The department needs to enhance its administrative capacity within supply chain management, finance and human resources management divisions to ensure that the department spending increases to the improvement of service delivery.

It needs to stabilize the department’s leadership to ensure that the AG recommendations are implemented and followed.