Debate on Transport

The following speech was delivered by Katlego Suzan Phala DA MPL, to the Limpopo Provincial Legislature on 27 October 2015 during a debate on Transport.

Hon Members of the Executive Council

Hon Members

Madam Speaker

Although the Department of Transport during its 13/14 financial year managed to obtain an unqualified audit opinion , it is worrying that the Department under spent in programme by R283 million.

It is further forfeited R637 million under expenditure from infrastructure grants by the national department of transport, which was the reallocated to other provinces.

Madam Speaker , this is the very department that always complains on receiving a small budget however R637 million was returned back and reallocated to other provinces as the department failed utilize it in providing services.

In these 2013/2014 financial year report the MTEF budget cut had negatively affected services to be rendered by these department.

Madam Speaker , the committee has further expressed its concern on the rising road fatalities. Given the fatalities on our roads Madam Speaker, it was concerning for the committee that the infrastructure at the provincial training college at Manenu was not conducive for the production of the qualitative traffic personnel, the department needed to go an extra mile by raising the traffic enrolment number from the 250 traffic officials to be trained annually by on the dept efforts.

In the 2013/2014 financial year,  20 808 target was set for job creation however only 13 667 job opportunities were created resulting in 65.7% achievement rate simply on the late appointment of contractor’s, which questions the department commitments on proper planning.

These is worrying as thousands of youth in these province are unemployed and this department has failed them by not reaching its target of 20 808 jobs that were to be created.

The department needs to extends information and technology services to the remaining driver testing centres in the province.

Commit itself on the targets it makes.

Ensure that infrastructure grants is never to be returned by these department like the R637 million that was returned in 2013/2014 financial year.