Distinction shows the DA difference

By Andrew Louw, MPL, DA Provincial Leader:

The Democratic Alliance applauds the certificate of excellence handed to the Hantam Local Municipality by SALGA during a special sitting held earlier in Springbok. The Hantam Local Municipality, governed by a DA-led administration, is the only local municipality in the Namaqua district to receive this distinction.

The Hantam Local Municipality was lauded for its improvement in audit outcomes. The municipality has worked tirelessly to clean up its administration and has now received an unqualified audit.

The municipality was further praised for its Back to Basics campaign.

Hantam is the only municipality in the province which does not owe a single cent to Eskom. While municipalities such as Nama-Khoi and Renosterberg have been threatened with electricity shut-downs this year due to non-payment of municipal accounts, the Hantam Local Municipality has a standing debit order with Eskom.

The distinction given to the DA-led Hantam by SALGA shows the DA difference. Where we govern, we prioritise clean administration and the appointment of officials who have the best interests of the people at heart.

The Western Cape, the province with the most municipalities receiving clean audits in the recent audit outcomes, has the highest proportion of households receiving free basic water, free basic electricity and free basic sewerage and sanitation. Only 6% of municipalities in the ANC-led Northern Cape could achieve acceptable audits. More than 71% of the total local government budget in the Northern Cape was handled by municipalities who cannot provide credible reports.

The award given to Hantam shows what can be achieved when officials and public representatives work together to deliver services for the benefit of all residents.