Ditsobotla Municipal Manager is AWOL

By Eddie Barlow, Democratic Alliance Caucus Leader: Madibeng Municipality:

The Democratic Alliance in Madibeng is concerned that the newly appointed Ditsobotla Local Municipality Manager Mr Monde Juta appears to have gone missing from office, and cannot be found.

The controversial municipal manager was suspended twice by the Madibeng Local Municipality on allegations of fraud and corruption, but was shockingly redeployed to Ditsobotla under direct orders from MEC of Local Government Collen Maine.

The DA opposed the redeployment of Juta, however Madibeng Council proceeded to approve the move and requested that Madibeng pay the difference between his present salary and his salary at Ditsobotla.

On the same day that Juta’s redeployment was to take effect, Ditsobotla municipality appointed a local acting municipal manager, meaning that Juta didn’t have a post at Ditsobotla to come and take up.

Currently Juta works in neither Madibeng nor in Ditsobotla, but still receives his full salary at tax-payer expense.

It is shocking and unacceptable that Juta receives the full benefits of a municipal manager whilst he does not report for duty.

The ANC in this instance has clearly placed the interests of its cadres before the needs of the community by allowing this wasteful expenditure to continue unabated.

The DA will write to the MEC of Local Government Collen Maine to demand that he immediately determine who is the rightful Disobotla Municipal Manager. Maine should furthermore explain where Juta is at the moment and why he is still being remunerated despite his absence.

If it is revealed that he is absent without leave, Maine should inform the local municipality in order to start the relevant disciplinary action against him.

The DA’s vision is for a government that is accountable to its people, where service delivery is upheld not the interest of the politically connected few.