DoT must act without fear or favour over fraudulent licences

By Rafeek Shah, MPL, DA KZN Spokesperson on Transport:

THE DA calls on KZN’s Transport Department and Road Traffic Inspectorate (RTI) to take a hard line against all forms of corruption by clamping down on both officials and members of the public who are found to be involved in fraudulent activity.

The appeal comes after a media report which reveals that the unlawful issuing of Certificates of Roadworthiness and Certificate of Fitness by some licensing authorities in the province is on the increase.

This problem is not new.  It has been going on for years and the DoT is well aware of it.

The DA regards this matter as yet another example of KZN Transport’s inability to correctly monitor and manage its own systems.

The department’s first mistake was not giving the Vehicle Technical Compliance Unit – set up in 2004 for purpose of investigating fraud and corruption in the Licensing industry – more teeth and more resources.

The second was to shift the focus of this Unit from its primary area of concern.

But the biggest issue remains the lack of consequences for officials who are caught in such fraudulent activities.  Why else would they be brazen enough to advertise their services via SMS which is after all a public media platform?

Instead, the brunt of the consequences is reserved for the taxpaying public of our province.

The impact of further inaction by KZN’s DoT cannot be under-estimated.  The increasing number of vehicle accidents, along with the annual stats revealing the full extent of carnage on our roads, is proof of this.

The DA expects the DoT and RTI to stop dodging the real issues.  Those who break the law must be dealt with without fear or favour.

Anything short of this is unacceptable.