Gauteng’s rape stats shocker

By Kate Lorimer MPL, DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Community Safety:

A total of 8455 rapes were reported in Gauteng – an average of 23 incidents every day.

This horrifying statistic emerged during a 2014/15 crime statistics briefing by Gauteng police commissioner, Lt Gen Lesetja Mothiba today.

Mothiba gave an admirably frank and open response to questions and criticisms.

He gave a number of reasons for the increase of crime in Gauteng, including:

  • The disbandment of specialised crime fighting units, which he described as “the worst mistake ever made”;
  • The increased involvement of SAPS members in organised crime syndicates;
  • Poorly resourced police stations, including the provincial loss of around 130 members every month; and
  • The number of repeat offenders on bail, who re-offend, and are given bail again.

Other than the rape statistic, the most shocking figure to emerge, is the unacceptably low conviction rate of 9,01% of cases reported at police stations.

This is the statistic that really gives an indication of the true state of crime and policing in Gauteng.

It shows that the detection and prosecution of crime and criminals are inferior, and play a large part in Gauteng’s crime crisis.