Letter to the Editor – DoH human milk bank a step in the right direction

THE news that KZN’s Department of Health has opened another human milk bank is a step in the right direction – at least for the first few days of life while the infant is at the facility.

It is fair to say that every effort is made to ensure that these little ones make it through the first 1 000 days of life.  But what lies ahead of them afterwards is bleak.

The challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment are destroying young lives with the DoH citing malnutrition as the leading cause of around a third of all child deaths in KZN.

Currently, our healthcare system is dealing with what ‘walks through the door’ at its facilities.  Yet the problem is much bigger and broader than we can imagine, particularly under an ANC-led government with unemployment and poverty on the rise and a shrinking economy.

The only turnaround and hope that South Africans have is to ensure that they choose carefully when they vote again next year. The government they choose must offer opportunities for all – including those for whom the milk banks have been opened.

The DA believes that “a prosperous future for South Africa can only be assured when every South African child receives a quality education, and when all adults have sufficient skills for dignified employment”. And that “Through our individual and collective efforts, and enabled by a capable state, the South African people hold the power to make our country a shining beacon for Africa and the world.”

To get there, we must start removing the enemies of true freedom, fairness and opportunity through the ballot box next year.