Letter to the Editor: War of words doesn’t hide the truth

By Ismail Obaray, DA MPL, DA Spokesperson of Environment & Nature Conservation:

Dear Sir

I have noted with amusement the comments made by media liaison officer of the Department of Environment and Nature Conservation, Lesego Pule, in response to my media statement regarding the hiring of vehicles at an exorbitant cost to the department (DFA, pg. 7, 14 October 2015 “DA questions dept’s hiring of vehicles”).

Pule goes all out to use some of the bigger and more complex words in the English language, like “platitudinous” and “apotheosis”, to denounce the comments made by the DA. He says a lot but I struggle to make head or tail of what he actually means. And I think this was his objective. I think he purposefully chose a string of confusing words to fluster the reader in an attempt to obscure the actual issue at hand – namely the significant overpayment by the Environment Department to the government fleet service for the use of Land Cruisers.

Pule indicates that my statement is riddled with inaccuracies.    Yet he fails to present even one “real” fact in order to clear up any misconceptions that I may have unintentionally created.

Pule further accuses me of being outdated with my statement. But he admits that a report on the matter is still only en route to the chairperson of the portfolio committee and he fails to mention whether, aside from consultations, any tangible action has been taken to prevent the department from cruising to financial disaster.

I translate the department’s defensive, as opposed to factual, response to my statement as a sign of their guilt.

I wish that in future they would respond in a professional manner, as opposed to simply attacking the DA for daring to expose the truth. However somehow I doubt this.

The local government elections are on our doorstep and it has become quite clear that in its desperation to hold onto power, the ruling party has instructed departments to dismiss and rubbish anything and everything that the opposition says. But this won’t deter the DA from speaking out on matters that deserve attention. In fact, Mr Pule, it only spurs us on to further expose this administration to the voters.

So if it’s a war of words that you want, you won’t get it from us. We fight with facts, integrity and a true desire to improve the lives of the people of the Northern Cape.