Member Statement by Hon. Langa Bodlani on Health

The following member statement was delivered by Langa Bodlani DA MPL, to the Limpopo Provincial Legislature on 20 October 2015 during a Snap Debate on Health.

Indermark Clinic in Blouberg does not have the much needed ARV treatment for people with HIV.

This came to us today from a patient who uses this clinic to get his treatment.

He is a 36 year old man, Tebogo Mahlaba. He is an activist who has publicly disclosed his status.

He has given me the go ahead to publicly state his name because he is doing this for others in the same condition.

He went today after a series of fruitless visits to this clinic.

He was there on the 9 of October 2015 and couldn’t get his treatment.

He was told to come back on the 12 October 2015.

On the 12 October he was again told to come back on the 16 October 2015.

Still no help for him was forthcoming.

Today again there was no help for him but sadly there was no return date given.

Needless to say without these drugs, his disease worsens.

We urge the MEC of health who has otherwise been very helpful, to help in this regard.

Mr. Tebego Mahlaba cannot afford any further delay.