Minister Schafer accepts food parcel handover for Grade 12’s from private donors

By Debbie Schafer, Western Cape Minister of Education:

It goes without saying that to feed a learners mind, you need to feed their body.

The NSC examination period is a crucial time for our Grade 12’s. It is however a sad reality that many of our Grade 12 learners have to study for these important exams on an empty stomach.

We are therefore pleased to accept the donation by World Marine, HDI Support and All Day Foods of food parcels and other essential items to assist our Grade 12 learners with preparation and sustainability during the examination period.

The donors have provided food parcels to 5000 Grade 12 learners from 36 needy schools across all education districts.

Today I visited Voorbrug High School to accept the handover of these parcels and to hand them out to 203 Grade 12 learners who had just completed Afrikaans Paper 1.

Today 41 988 full time NSC candidates across the Province wrote Afrikaans Paper 1. 410 part time NS candidates also completed the paper.

I wish to express my sincere thanks to the donors for their generous donation and for their assistance with the distribution of the food parcels.

This is a perfect example of how public-private partnerships can work ‘Better Together’ for the benefit of our learners of this province by ensuring that our Grade 12 learners, from disadvantaged backgrounds, do not have to learn on an empty stomach.