Public Works wastes two years on building a road that resembles a 4×4 adventure trail

By SP Motswenyane (MP), DA North West Spokesperson Community Safety:

The Democratic Alliance in North West is shocked by the Department of Public Works’ shoddy road repairs and maintenance in the province.

Public Works in Zeerust started nearly two years ago with the long awaited repair work on the dirt road between Slurry and Jagersfontein passing by Ongepotse Tiro Comprehensive School near Mahikeng.  School children have to travel on this road to school daily.

Besides the digging of holes and the removal of pipes no other work was done and ever since there is a large trench of approximately 1,5m deep and nearly 2 m wide.

The dirt mound was left on the road with no warning signs to inform motorists of the hazard.

Road users have started to make their way around it, but the road looks like a 4×4 adventure trail instead of a road constructed by Public Works.

A month ago construction machinery was delivered to a nearby farm where it has been stationed ever since.

According to a source the construction workers could not report for duty for the past five weeks as the licence disk of the vehicle that has to transport them to the site expired.

The local community took over the maintenance of the road at their own cost and with their own equipment.

This proves how the North West government is failing to provide safe roads or to properly maintain them. Maintenance of gravel roads in the entire North West is severely lacking.

The DA believes it is essential to have proper road infrastructures to reduce road accidents and enable economic growth, also for farmers who effectively have to transport their livestock and harvest to various points of sale.

The DA will ask questions to MEC of Public Works Madoda Sambatha why the construction vehicles have been stationed on a farm instead of a secure construction site and how the stranded workers was occupied in the time they could not work due to poor management of the fleet’s licensing.

We will request the MEC to table an action plan in the North West Provincial Legislature that will include the inspection of all roads, the monitoring of the progress of all companies that have been contracted to build and maintain public roads in the province.