Sherriff attaches Tlokwe vehicles over unpaid legal debt

By Cllr Chris Landsberg, DA Caucus Leader, Tlokwe, Potchefstroom:

It is clear to the Democratic Alliance that the Tlokwe Municipality has reached a new low of governance failure, as this week the Sheriff of the Court attached R750 000 of municipal vehicles, for failing to pay a legal debt.

The bill was incurred by Tlokwe after it lost a case against a municipal official, Mr Fox Mafoko, who Tlokwe unlawfully suspended and dismissed because he was an inconvenient obstacle to the ANC. Mafoko was on the so-called “Cockroach List” of municipal employees who were perceived to not be closely enough aligned with the ANC, and were targeted for banishment.

The municipality has wasted thousands of rands on cases that are frivolous and without merit, defending itself against the indefensible.

Municipality vehicles of nearly R750 000 have now been attached, and will be unavailable to the municipality to do its delivery work which will leave residents further from the services they deserve. Without vehicles the municipality will be severely compromised, simply because its administration could not comply with the law and pay its debts.

Legal matters which are only pursued for political objectives are an absolute waste of rate-payers money, and even more compromising when they lead to Sheriff’s attachments of vehicles.

Tlokwe is being run as a closed shop by the ANC who fears losing power in Elections 2016. Levels of desperation and anxiety are high in the governing power.

This uncaring and dishonourable approach to government in Tlokwe does not need to be the future of this Municipality, as change is in the air – the DA is set on winning on Tlokwe in next year’s election to bring change and a new future for the people of Potchefstroom.

The DA will work towards a capable workforce in the municipality and ensure fair labour practice prevails, that legal battles do not waste rate-payer money and that the local government delivers for all.