Well done to Mpumi Lephoko, for being crowned Miss Africa Tourism Universe 2015

By Jane Sithole MPL, DA Spokesperson on Culture, Sports & Recreation:

DA Mpumalanga would like to congratulate Mpumi Lephoko, the first ever South African for being crowned Miss Africa Tourism Universe 2015.

Lephoko who competed against 36 models from all over the world, took the crown at a very ‘glitzy’ final in the Middle Eastern country of Lebanon this month.

Coming from the dusty streets of Msogwaba Township in Mbombela, her main responsibility will be to promote African Tourism on the world stage. This achievement has also placed Mpumalanga on the world map.

Lephoko is the epitome of what South African women are known for, beauty and brains.

Among her achievements Lephoko has also established an anti-drug campaign called “SAY NO TO Drugs” and has recently launched the Mpumi Lephoko Foundation, which amongst other things, raise funds to build houses for the underprivileged.

The DA wishes her every success and prosperity in all her duties. She is not only a true ambassador of Mpumalanga but for South Africa as well. This recognition will give her an opportunity to spread her wings.