14/15 3rd quarter Transport

By Katlego Suzan Phala (MPL), DA Limpopo Spokesperson on Transport:

Hon Speaker,

Hon Members of the Executive and MPLs and those on the gallery,

Good Afternoon

During the 3rd quarter of the Dept. of Transport an over collection of revenue was noted as a result of additional post offices, while we  must note that  the dept. contributes 50% to the provincial revenue collection the committee was however concerned that the previous quarter experienced under collection due to some municipalities not surrendering collected funds, the dept. did assure the committee that this matter was escalated to the Exco and provincial Treasury for resolution, we hope that a resolution can be reached to ensure that under collection of revenue from some municipalities will not repeat itself.

Hon Speaker the DA believes that this very dept. is in a position of being at the centre of development with the greatest potential to advocate for easier access and mobility between rural and urban regions, investment to address the shortage in critical skills and public and private sector collaboration.

It is crystal clear to the DA that these dept. has uttered words with no foundation of action- in the14/15 3rd quarter the dept. was unable to deliver 45% of its targets, these underachievement also resulted from the projections of all subsided operations that seemed to be much higher than the actual operations or services rendered which reflected underperformance since the estimated target was not met. While the dept. may have decreased its underachievement by 10%in the 4th quarter a number of issues can be mentioned caused by late appointments of contractors amongst others.

The volume of trucks and increasing number of fatalities on Limpopo roads is off great concern to the DA especially when 60 vehicles were purchased during transport month in October , there is no excuse for absent law enforcement at night, trucks and  buses carrying overloaded trailers goes unmonitored by our law enforcement agencies at night, that is why you will see overloaded trucks parked by the road during the day, waiting for the night to get back on the road- knowing very well that our law enforcement are off the road at night.

Hon Speaker  If the MEC could include rail as part of an intermodal transport network we will have less trucks on our roads which contributes to the road fatalities our provincial roads

Hon Speaker with our population of 2.1 million citizens of this province who rely on grants and 43% of those who are unemployed trains are the most affordable ways of transport therefore the DA still urges the MEC to include rail as part of an intermodal transport network.

Hon Speaker GAAL fails to provide a proper allocation of its programmes and cannot assess the extent of its expenditure per quarter therefore this entity needs to utilize reporting formats and templates as provide by the Treasury as it is standard guideline.

It is therefore recommended that…
GAAL entity needs to create clear budget allocation between the programmes and how it will be used in order to assess if the budget has been used for services meant
Engagements with municipalities needs to be continuous to ensure that they surrender revenue collected through licensing services
Speedy implementation of rail transport plans and construction into the provincial transport infrastructure.

Thank you