A disgrace, ANC ask civil servants to donate towards elections

By James Masango MPL, Leader of the official opposition:

The following motion was delivered today by the Leader of the official opposition, James Masango MPL, during a sitting on questions for oral reply to the MEC’s at Ehlanzeni District Council Chambers.

Honourable Speaker.

I rise to move a motion on behalf of the Democratic Alliance, noting that:

We have heard from reliable sources that civil servants, including Municipal Managers, were asked to make a monthly donation of R500 to the ANC as part of fundraising for next year’s Local Government Elections.

Hon. Speaker, it must be noted that Municipal Managers and other civil servants are employed on the basis of their qualifications, not because they are members of the ANC, so it is unfair to force or ask them to donate to the ANC’s coffers.

Further noting Hon. Speaker that:

The ANC’s move could be in contravention of public service regulations and the Code of Conduct, which stipulate that civil servants should “serve the public in an unbiased and impartial manner in order to create confidence in the public service”.

If these rumours are true Hon. Speaker, then the DA is outraged by the ANC’s aggressive fundraising strategy. Why must people employed by the state at a professional level be subjected to such treatment?

Such a move also means that civil servants would not be able to adhere to their code of conduct which requires them “not to abuse their position in the Public Service to promote or prejudice the interest of any POLITICAL PARTY or interest group.”
This also confirm President Zuma’s statement that “the ANC is bigger than South Africa”. In simple terms, South Africans are not important to the ANC.

I so move.