AG confirms ailing Lim finances

By Jacques Smalle (MPL), DA Limpopo leader:

The DA will be unrelenting in its pursuit for full accountability and transparency during the upcoming SCOPA hearings following the latest Auditor General PFMA 2014/15 report on financially precarious departments in Limpopo.

This report proves beyond reasonable doubt that Limpopo’s state of governance and its executive leadership are at the crux of many of this province’s challenges.

We are concerned that the Premier was so obsessed with achieving a clean audit that he completely neglected all 12 departments and 10 public entities in this province.

According to the AG report, Limpopo’s state of financial health is critical. The biggest culprits are the department of Health and Education who have contributed a total of R 319 million to fruitless and wasteful expenditure in two years. It is within the same period that the Dept. Education alone incurred over R3 billion in irregular expenditure.

The people of this province continue to suffer due to the chronic lack of consequence management as the AG revealed that 3 auditees could not account for R 38 million.  Furthermore, the LDoE has consistently for the past three years incurred one of the highest unauthorised expenditure in the country.

The Dept. of Education now has four consecutive disclaimers which affirm the DA’s belief that it needs an overall systemic change which strategically exceeds the Premier’s cosmetic changes of department MEC’s and officials.

Less than a third of audited provincial entities had good financial health.  The number of auditees with good financial status has significantly decreased from 43% to a staggering 29%.

The AG indicates that auditees still do not implement consequence management in response to the previous year’s transgressions.

The fact of the matter is that if a government cannot manage its finances properly, it cannot deliver the services the people need.

The AG’S report confirms that the Western Cape is the best governed province and voting for the DA in the upcoming 2016 elections will ensure freedom, fairness and opportunity for all in Limpopo.

The DA will play a pivotal role during the SCOPA period to ensure that this province finally experiences the financial oversight which this province so desperately needs.