ANC fails to show up at their own waste management workshop

By Ina Cilliers MPL, DA Gauteng Constituency Head – Merafong:

The poor management of waste in Merafong, including widespread illegal dumping, sporadic refuse collection and raw sewage in residents’ backyards has dominated local news headlines in recent weeks. In order to find solutions to the problem, the Merafong Council was called to a waste management workshop.

Ten minutes after the scheduled start of the meeting, only 1 member of the ANC caucus was present for the workshop. The MMC in charge of the Waste Management portfolio M B Lephuting did not even attend, nor did Merafong Mayor S.M Mogale-Letsie. This is despite invitations to the workshop being sent from the Speakers office.

The DA condemns this arrogant display of indifference from the ANC lead Council. It is clear that ANC is not interested in addressing the many service delivery failures in Merafong.

The no-show by the ANC resulted in the workshop having to be cancelled. The DA councillors who attended the meeting will now submit their submissions and proposals on how to improve waste management in the municipality to the Speaker in writing.

The DA will also continue to use the oversight mechanisms available in Council to ensure the ANC municipality fulfils its responsibilities and delivers services to residents.

It is clear that not even the prospect of a local government election in 2016 has inspired any action from the complacent ANC leadership in Merafong.

The DA is committed to bringing change to the municipality. Change that ends corrupt, holds lazy officials accountable and ensures services are delivered to all communities.