ANC is no longer the majority in Tlokwe Municipality

By Cllr. HJ Moolman, DA Caucus Chairperson, Tlokwe, Potchefstroom:

The Democratic Alliance in Tlokwe, Potchefstroom welcomes the unanimous ruling in the Constitutional Court today, that the results of the 18 September 2013 by-elections be set aside.

This means the current 29 ANC councillors will be reduced to 21 and they therefore will no longer hold the majority in the Tlokwe Municipality.

This ruling also allows the DA to bring a motion of no confidence against the Mayor Kgotso Khumalo and Speaker Berei Segetso.

This ruling proves that voting irregularities has no place in a democracy as free and fair elections are fundamental.

The DA agrees with Judge Edwin Cameron’s belief that we cannot afford to betray those who fought so hard for a democracy: “Many people struggled and fought to secure the right to vote. Many lost their lives, were imprisoned or banned.”